Geissele – New products for SHOT Show 2016

Don’t the Geissele Automatics booth at SHOT Show 2016. They will be rolling out several new products including an Aimpoint Micro Mount and ambidextrous charging handle that they teased on social media recently.


In addition, they will have more information on the scope mounts that they have been manufacturing for a DOD customer since the Spring of this year. Those mounts will be shown at the show and available in 2016. They will also be showing a new scope mount designed specifically for 50BMG rifles.

IMG_4317 IMG_4316


One Response to Geissele – New products for SHOT Show 2016

  1. handbanana December 25, 2015 at 09:48 #

    Geissele products are great but I find their customer service lacking (which is not too much of a surprise). Maybe instead of designing redundant optic mounts already on the market, they could work on sending me the correct products and not taking over a month to get the product to me. I’ll instead be buying their products from more trustworthy retailers (which I should have in the first place)–a black Friday purchase from Geissele (obviously very expensive) only just arrived to me on Tuesday, which turned out to be the completely wrong product even though the packing slip listed the correct product. The great thing is that they’ve decided not to close for just Christmas, but for over a week until the 4th of January, so I get to cancel both of my holiday shooting trips while I hope they don’t fuck me over and make me pay the extra restocking fee for having a product needing return past their accepted return period. Their shipping team took over two weeks just to fix an error with the order in the first place (the CS rep first told me it would be impossible, but after some consternation on my part, she was magically was able to change the order–not very honest at all, and now I know that standard practice at Geissele is to NOT help the customer), so I’m not expecting my real order any time soon. Anyone reading this article and lusting for Geissele products, go to another retailer! They have better prices and you’ll actually get your product!

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