Dueck Defense DFR Glock Rear Sight

The Dueck Fixed Fear (DFR) is the latest product to be released by Dueck Defense. This Glock compatible rear sight features a rear sight notch that is 20% deeper than typical sights which Dueck Defense claims gives “your eye a longer window of light but still narrow enough for precise aiming.”

Dueck Defense DFR Sights

The DFR also has a clever hooked design that makes it easier to operate with one hand by hooking the sight on your belt or holster. There are other hooked sights on the market but Dueck Defense has gone to great lengths to completely remove the sharp edges that would typically be found on such sights.

The DFR is available separately or bundled with various front sight options. Check out DueckDefense.com.

Dueck Defense DFR

One Response to Dueck Defense DFR Glock Rear Sight

  1. Casey November 16, 2015 at 19:25 #

    Has anyone considered that it is possible to have too much of a hook on a rear sight? When I need to run the slide off my belt, once the slide is all the way to the rear, I want to be able to move the pistol away from my body without it hanging up on my belt and retarding the forward movement of the slide. In theory, I wouldn’t want anything greater than 90º.

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