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Dueck Defense DFR – 2 Dot Tritium

The Dueck Defense DFR (Dueck Fixed Rear) Sights are now available in a 2 Dot Tritium configuration. Both the front and rear sights have a single tritium element to create a “dot over dot” type sight alignment reference. This new DFR sight shares all the same features of the other sets including an integrated slide manipulation ledge, black nitrocarburized finish, and a great ratio of front sight width to rear sight notch width.

Check out the new DFR 2 Dot Tritium Sights at Dueck Defense.


Dueck Defense RBU-DP for S&W M&P

Dueck Defense just brought their RBU to the Smith & Wesson M&P!

The RBU-DP allows M&P shooters to mount a variety of red dot sights to their handgun without having to permanently modify the slide. It installs in place of your rear sight and has its own integrated iron sights. Check out the RBU-DP at Dueck Defense.

sw mp rbu dueck defense

Dueck Defense RBU 2 Dot Tritium

Dueck Defense has released another new RBU variation. This one is very much like the original RBU for mounting a Trijicon RMR to a Glock but it has 2 dot tritium night sights embedded in the sights. The tritium vials are configured in a dot-over-dot configuration with one vial in the front sight and one in rear. This is a limited edition.

Check out the RBU 2 Dot Tritium at Dueck Defense.

dueck defense rbu tritium

New from Dueck Defense – Two New RBU Configurations

Dueck Defense has introduced two new configurations for their RBU (Red Dot Back Up) mount. These new versions join their original RMR configuration.

The first configuration is just like the original but with the capability to mount multiple common red dot sights like the Leupold DeltaPoint 1 and 2, Burris Fastfire 1, 2, and 3, Doctor Optics Red Dot Sight, JPoint, and it may work with other optics sharing the same mounting pattern.

RBU Multi Mount

RBU Multi Mount

The second new configuration is made specifically for the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Dueck Defense removed the integral rear sight on this version to make use of the DeltaPoint Pro’s adjustable rear sight.

As with the original RMR RBU configuration, installation is easy and requires no permanent modifications to your Glock. The iron sights serve both as back up and an aid in locating the red dot. Check out the RBU at Dueck Defense.

RBU DeltaPoint Pro

RBU DeltaPoint Pro

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