Now Available: BA Hanson .625 Barrels from Ballistic Advantage

We first told you about the new, lighter BA Hanson profile barrels last week. They are now available.

The original BA Hanson profile was designed to make AR-15 barrels more lightweight without some of the associated downsides of lightweight barrel profiles. However, the original BA Hanson profile barrels have a .750 diameter at the gas block and are really more of a light/medium contour. Clint Hanson, the creator of the BA Hanson profile, wanted to take what he learned from those barrels and apply it to a true lightweight barrel. The result is the new BA Hanson .625 profile.

hanson barrels 625

The original BA Hanson profile’s shoulder-less design and smoother tapers creates a barrel that has some harmonic advantages over most typical barrel profiles. That, coupled with their penchant for being conservative with their gas port specs, creates a lightweight barrel that stays very flat under recoil. Clint Hanson found that he was able to port these very same design elements over to the new lighter BA Hanson .625 barrels and achieve a true lightweight profile “without the lightweight limitations”.

The BA Hanson .625 barrels are so called because they have the traditional .625″ diameter at the gas block. Each barrel comes with a pinned, low-profile gas black already installed which makes them an excellent value. Initially, these barrels are only available in Ballistic Advantage’s Premium Wylde chamber line in lengths of 10.3″ (carbine gas), 14.5″ (mid-length), and 16″ (mid-length). The profile will eventually be available in the Premium Series as well but there is no ETA on those barrels at this time.

These barrels should be pretty exciting for those who are looking to build lightweight precision carbines. A traditional pencil barrel is already a better barrel profile than it gets credit for, at least in terms of accuracy and harmonics. These BA Hanson .625 barrels, with their improvements and quality, should be a step up.

Check out the new BA Hanson .625 Barrels at Ballistic Advantage. They are currently on sale for 10% off to celebrate their introduction.

2 Responses to Now Available: BA Hanson .625 Barrels from Ballistic Advantage

  1. Mic October 1, 2015 at 11:44 #

    So maybe Im dumb for asking this. But how do you get a barrel nut on if the gas block is pinned on?

    • Matt October 1, 2015 at 11:47 #

      You just drift the pin out like you would with a standard FSB. It isn’t blind pinned like a muzzle device.

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