New, Lighter Hanson Profile from Ballistic Advantage

The Hanson Profile barrels from Ballistic Advantage (BA) were designed to be a lighter weight barrel without some of the limitations typically encountered with lighter weight barrels. However, the original Hanson profile with its continuous taper and lack of right angles is really more of a medium contour barrel compared to a true “pencil” barrel.

lightweight hanson

Clint Hanson and BA have just released details of a brand new, true lightweight Hanson profile barrel. The new profile is lighter and features the same continuous taper and lack of right angles. You can basically think of this as an even lighter version of the original. The principles at play in the original Hanson profile should also work hear helping to reduce whip and produce solid accuracy.

Being a true lightweight profile, it features a .625″ gas block journal. It will initially be available in BA’s Premium Series (416 stainless, 1 in 8″ twist, and NiB barrel extension) but will eventually be offered in the Performance Series as well. 10.3″, 14.5″ mid-length, and 16″ lengths are planned.

These barrels will also come with a 1 MOA guarantee which is a pretty bold move for a lightweight barrel profile. They will be available soon at Ballistic Advantage.

One Response to New, Lighter Hanson Profile from Ballistic Advantage

  1. Gene Cliatt September 20, 2015 at 13:09 #

    How much do they weigh?

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