Whiskey Two-Four Introduces Slanted Chest Rigs

Whiskey Two-Four is not afraid to try things that are different which is why I always watch them closely. Their most recent product is a testament to that. They are introducing a line of chest rigs with a built in slant that angles gear like magazine pouches in toward the wearer’s center line. This allows the pouches to be mounted out toward the sides of the rig while still being accessible. That in turn opens up the center of the rig so it is more comfortable in the prone and it breathes better.

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Currently, they are only offering an rig that has a 4×3 PALS grid on each side and an open center. There may be additional variations in the future like a split front that incorporates the slant and more compact options. These laser cut Hypalon panels are designed to be used with WTF’s Universal Chest Rig Harness system.

Check out the new slanted rigs at Whiskey Two-Four.


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