Diving Deep on the ALG Defense EMR Rail

I have stated here before that the ALG Defense EMR is one of my favorite rails regardless of price. It isn’t just a good rail for the price. It’s just a good rail at almost any price.

ALG Defense rolled out two videos yesterday that really drill down into these affordable rails. The first video is a product overview that goes through the variations of the EMR, design objectives, and more. It even gets into interesting stuff about why torque values don’t tell the whole story when it comes to barrel nut installation, why the EMR barrel nut is so long, and other similarly impressively minute and fascinating details.

The second video is an installation video that is like having Bill Geissele himself guide you through the included instruction sheet and adding his own details as he goes. I learned more than a few things including the fact that I haven’t been applying anti-seize everywhere that I should be during barrel nut installs.

Both videos are worth a watch but neither is short so settle in with a cup of coffee. Even if you don’t own or plan to own an EMR, you will learn things and come away impressed with the detail that went into such an affordable rail. Check out the EMR at ALG Defense.


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