Whiskey Two Four Ultralight Chest Rig – Mix and Match

Whiskey Two Four (WTF) is now selling their ultralight, laser cut hypalon chest rigs in a unique way. They sell the modular harness set separate from the actual MOLLE compatible chest panels. This allows the user to purchase a single harness and whichever panel or panels that suit their needs.


WTF is offering three different panels at this time: a very compact 6 columns by 3 rows panel, a larger 12 column by 3 row panel, and a split-front 8 column by 3 row (4 columns per side) panel comes complete with side release buckles to close the split. The panels can also be adapted to mount on plate carriers that work with the Velocity Systems Swift-Clip system. They also feature several small round holes placed in strategic locations. These holes allow the user to use flange button head cap screws to mount hard objects like kydex magazine pouches.

The available harness is a simple, H-harness design. It comes as a set that includes the shoulder harness and lat strap. There are built in strap management features and the lat strap has a shock cord expansion section that lets it flex with the wearer.

Check out all the modular chest rig components at Whiskey Two Four.


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