Regulation Tactical – Reflex Mag Pouch MK3

Regulation Tactical’s new MK3 version of their Reflex Mag Pouch is their most versatile mag pouch yet. It still retains the unique functionality of the original Reflex Mag Pouches but manages to add some notable features.


Like previous versions, the MK3 is still capable of holding 2 magazines and always places one of those magazines in the optimal position. The first mag is held forward and slightly higher than the reserve mag so that the user can easily grab it. When the first magazine is removed, the reserve magazine is pushed forward into the same position. The MK3 version has a redesigned, single piece spring that accomplishes this. See the video below for details on how this works if you are unfamiliar with previous iterations of this pouch.


The redesigned spring is removable which allows for multiple configurations. The pouch can be configured to hold 2 stacked magazines, a single magazine under spring tension, or a single magazine with no spring tension to give the pouch a lower profile. The pouch uses a series of hook and loop secured flaps to adjust for a wide variety of magazines, from .308 mags to AR-15 mags.

Finally, the Reflex Mag Pouch MK3 is the first to feature PALS webbing on the front. This allows other pouches to be stacked on top of the MK3.

2 Responses to Regulation Tactical – Reflex Mag Pouch MK3

  1. Pierre August 11, 2015 at 17:10 #

    This has already been done by someone else. Not sure how it’s patentable:

    • Matt August 11, 2015 at 17:43 #

      I suspect that the patent is on their spring set up not the way the pouch is constructed/adjusted. The video shows how the spring works.

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