When Training and Manufacturing Meet

When training and manufacturing meet, problems are solved.


You may remember a post earlier this year about a lightweight AR-15 carbine that weighed 5.5 pounds and had a target price of around $1000. That carbine was the result of 3 companies coming together to provide a unique training solution for a shooter that lost an arm in accident. KE Arms, GWACS Armory, and Suarez International all had a hand in this very cool project. Each used their products and experience to not just create a new piece of hardware but also provide the training necessary to use it. I strongly encourage you to check out Russell Phagan’s short write-up on the experience, the gear, and the VERY cool sling charging setup that they created to allow for easier one hand charging.

The best news is that we may all be able to benefit from the lessons learned in this project as the carbine in question will enter production as the Suarez Light Fighter Rifle. The Light Fighter Rifle will have a price tag of above the $1000 mentioned in the early design phase of the carbine due to the inclusion of their single stage cassette style trigger, muzzle device, and a low mass bolt carrier. GWACS Armory will eventually be offering a version that will come in around $1000.

I can see the sling setup being a big help in getting injured people back on the range.


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