Blue Force Gear Belt Mounted Pouches – Now Available

Blue Force Gear’s (BFG) new line of belt mounted pouches are now available. These pouches leverage BFG’s Ten-Speed design elements, Helium Whisper technology, and a new laser cut Velcro One-Wrap belt mounting system to create a line of pouches that are light, thin, durable, and versatile.


The line includes several items like multiple magazine pouches, a dump pouch, a baton pouch, cuff pouch, and pepper spray pouch. All of the pouches are extremely light in weight and add very little thickness to the objects that they are carrying which makes them very concealable.

I have had several of these pouches in hand for a few months and I’m really impressed with the laser cut One-Wrap belt loops. It allows you to place the pouches anywhere you want on your belt without having to remove the belt. It also serves to lock down their locations on Velcro lined duty belts. It is a clever system that has a lot of potential.

Check out the new Belt Mounted Pouches at Blue Force Gear.

BFG Belt Pouches


2 Responses to Blue Force Gear Belt Mounted Pouches – Now Available

  1. Mark May 20, 2015 at 16:54 #

    Matt, do you know who makes the first aid kit located on the guy in the first picture?

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