TangoDown KeyMod Accessories

We covered the TangoDown KeyMod Stubby Vertical Grip back when it was still an early prototype. I am happy to report that it is extremely close to entering production now along with KeyMod rail covers and a hand stop.

tangodown keymod

The new hand stop and rail covers have two things that should really set them apart. The first is that they use metal KeyMod hardware to mount. This is heavier than many of the all plastic rail covers but has proven to be stay in place better in my experience. The second is that these items will feature a similar texture to what Tango Down uses on their SCAR panels. This texture is very grippy without being too abrasive.

It looks like TangoDown is getting into KeyMod in a big way.


2 Responses to TangoDown KeyMod Accessories

  1. Casey February 18, 2015 at 22:33 #

    The problem with using metal hardware to attach those rail panels is that the hardware will conduct heat, which defeats one of the main purposes for having covers in the first place. (This isn’t hypothetical – I’ve talked with someone who uses the similarly designed Midwest Industries KeyMod covers, and he experienced some significant heat transfer through the hardware during higher volumes of fire). TangoDown makes lots of good stuff, but I’m holding out for Bravo Company to release their own rail covers.

    • KnuckleHead March 2, 2015 at 08:07 #

      I have the Midwest covers and have no such problem with heat transfer and BCM has had their own rail covers for some time now which are a big fail.

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