Viking Tactics Transition Drill

Viking Tactics provides a wealth of drills on their Youtube channel that you can incorporate into your range routine. The latest video that they posted is interesting not only for the drill, the Transition Drill, but for an interesting piece of gear that makes an appearance.

The Transition Drill has the shooter transitioning not only between strong side and weak side but also between yard lines and from primary to secondary. There is a lot of transitioning going on with an emphasis on balancing speed and accuracy at various distances. This certainly appears to be a very challenging drill (in spite of how easy Kyle Lamb makes it look).

The video also provides a tantalizing look at a new optic from Leupold called the LCO. It appears to be a red dot sight and Leupold has trademarked the LCO but that is pretty much all I know. Viking Tactics often seems to have new Leupold optics to test before anyone so this may be something hitting shelves soon. It would be nice to see Leupold finally bring a competitive, USA made RDS to market.

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One Response to Viking Tactics Transition Drill

  1. Patrick October 10, 2014 at 14:10 #

    Kyle Lamb is the man!

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