Make Your Own Artsy-Fartsy Cutout Photos with Gunstruction

Gunstruction recently posted a very cool photo to their Facebook page of a near perfect “cutout” of a carbine. They claimed that they did it without photoshop, using nothing but native Gunstruction Photo Mode functionality. I took that as a challenge and had to figure out how to do it for myself.

gunstruction cutout

Lucky for you, I figured it out and I feel like sharing.

  1. Visit the Gunstruction website. I hate that I have to mention this step but if I don’t some goof will email me and ask how to get there.
  2. Configure your AR-15 the way you want it. I won’t hold your hand here. It’s your carbine. Have some fun with it.
  3. Click the Paint button on the main screen to enter the Paint menu.
  4. Click the Color button to paint the entire carbine single color.
  5. Choose “Duracoat White”.
  6. Click the Apply to All button. Paint it White
  7. Click the Back button to return to the main screen.
  8. Click the Photo button to enter the photo menu. You can fiddle with any of the settings that you like. I will only mention those that are responsible for creating the desired effect.Enter Photo Mode
  9. Click the Lights button to enter the lighting menu.
  10.  Set all three lights to true white by sliding the R, G, and B, sliders all the way to the right.
  11. Set all three lights to full intensity by sliding the Intensity sliders all the way to the right.Adjust the Light Sliders
  12. Click the Room button. This is where you will create the black background.
  13. Choose “None” from the drop down menu beneath the Room button.
  14. Move the R, G, and B sliders all the way to the left to create dark black background.Set the Backgroud Sliders
  15. Click the Filters button. You are almost done!
  16. Click on the drop down menu beneath the Filters button.
  17. Click the X in the Ambient Inclusion check box to de-select it.Set the Backgroud Sliders
  18. Snap cool cutout photos to your heats content.Start Snapping Photos

It looks like a lot of steps but it is very easy once you get the hang of it. Once you have the cutout image, it would be pretty easy to reverse the colors in photo editing software to create a silhouette. A smart guy like you could probably figure out all sorts of cool things to do with this type of image.


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