If Slings Could Talk

Imagine for a moment that you operate a business that creates and sells quality AK parts here in the States but you also do various training for all kinds of interesting people in far flung corners of the world. One day while working in an unnamed armory in Kabul, you come across one of the slings that you designed and sold laying in a box looking battered and worn but still very much usable. I bet that sling could tell some stories!

That is exactly the situation that faced Joe at Echo Nine Three. He posted a picture of the situation with a bit of commentary on the E93 Facebook Page.

e93 sling

From E93:

I made a visit to an undisclosed armory in Kabul today. To my surprise I saw one of our first 100 Dual Mode Slings (stainless polygon hub) in a box with several other. No idea how it came to be here. But, apparently it took the abuse well.

If only slings could talk! Check out Echo Nine Three.

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