MSM Wrap Holster

We recently showed you MIL-SPEC MONKEY’s versatile Wrap Multi Pouches. The Monkey is now offering a well designed holster that is designed and constructed in a similar way. The MSM Wrap Holster is made from One-Wrap material which makes it compatible with Velcro lined bags and, most importantly, completely user adjustable for various types of handguns with and without lights.


The MSM Wrap Holster is deeper than typical Velcro backed holsters which reduces the chance of snagging the front sight as the gun is removed. This is true even if you are using suppressor height sights in conjunction with a slide mounted RDS. It comes with a removable, elastic “jump strap” and can be used to carry other items like AR-15 mags, smart phones, and more.

Check out the MSM Wrap Holster.



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