Mission Spec EOC in Ranger Green

Last week we mentioned that Mission Spec was now building their EOC in a couple of the Kryptek patterns. This week they announced that Ranger Green (RG) would be joining the lineup and they showed off the first RG EOC that went out the door which happened to sport some very nice custom features. Those features include vertical webbing and loop covered PALS webbing both of which make docking a compatible chest rig a breeze.

Mission Spec EOC RG Custom

You all are probably getting tired of hearing this from me but this is what makes dealing with small businesses in this industry great. Mom and pop shops turn out great gear at competitive prices and they are willing to work with you. Many of them can even turn the work around quickly so you aren’t waiting for months. Seek out these places and you’ll be rewarded with great gear and the satisfaction of supporting a craftsman.

Check out the Mission Spec EOC.

One Response to Mission Spec EOC in Ranger Green

  1. Mission Spec May 14, 2014 at 18:17 #

    Thank you for the exposure and kind words. Customers interested in custom modification can contact us via the contact form on our website. http://www.MissionSpec.com.

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