ROSCH Works TM1 and SLM1 In Stock

The two newest items from ROSCH Works, the TM1 and the SLM1, are now available to be purchased from their site.

The TM1 is a light mount that clamps to a shotgun magazine tube or, with the addition of optional shims, to an AR-15 barrel. It uses just one screw to mount to the barrel and retain the light. The TM1 is designed to work with 1″ tube diameter lights like the Surefire Fury.

ROSCH Works TM1 on Shotgun ROSCH Works TM1 on AR

The SLM1 is a light mount with integrated front sight. It is also designed to accept 1″ diameter lights like the Surefire Fury. This is a concept that AR-15 shooters have been waiting for since the advent of rails that extend over a low-profile gas block. I am working on a review of the SLM1 and, spoiler alert,  it is excellent. You can read some of my initial thoughts in an earlier post. ROSCH Works is already working on a version for the Surefire E-Series lights.


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