ROSCH Works SLM1 Initial Pictures

This is not a review. I have only had the new ROSCH Works SLM1 for a short time so more time will need to be spent with it before a full opinion can be formed. If you have not been following its development, the SLM1 is a weapon light mount with an integrated front sight. It is designed to allow the user to mount lights like the Surefire Fury on the top rail of an extended free-float handguard.

JTT ROSCH Works SLM1 close side

The SLM1 arrived before I could purchase a Surefire Fury to go with it so I used it with an Elzetta ZFL-M60 for a short time. Use of the Elzetta required tape to shim the light since the tolerances are very tight on this mount. It is made to be used with 1″ diameter lights +/- .005″ inch. The Elzetta light is around .95″ in diameter, hence the tape. If this initial size is successful, you will likely see other sizes that will work with other lights.

So far I am impressed, though my round count is very low. The large bezel of the Fury is no concern at all. It is even less noticeable than most pistol style lights mounted in front of a separate front sight. The double cross bolts should make this very secure. The front sight post is slightly slimmer than a standard front sight post which I like.

JTT ROSCH Works SLM1 from back

The pictures on this post are from the JTT Instagram account (@triggerjerk). I should note that this is a pre-production version of the mount so some changes are likely.

These will be available from ROSCH Works soon. Stay tuned for the full review.

JTT ROSCH Works SLM1 wide side

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