Latest Images and Info on the ROSCH Works SLM1

ROSCH Works released images of the SLM1 pilot production batch and it looks like a winner.

Rosch Works SLM1 Pilot Production 3

The SLM1 is a light mount that incorporates a fixed front sight base. It is designed to be mounted on the top rail of an AR-15’s extended hand guard rail to provide the user with both a fixed front sight and an advantageous 12 o’clock lighting position. It is the first mount of its kind that allows the use of a standard tube bodied tactical light to mounted in this position.

Rosch Works SLM1 Pilot Production 2

I now know additional details including that the body of the mount is made from 7075 T1 aluminum that is hard anodized. The remaining components are black oxide coated 4140 steel. The production versions will ship with the wrenches required to mount and adjust the SLM1.

Some SLM1s from this initial pilot production batch will likely go up for sale later this week. This particular version is designed for use with the Surefire Fury (it may work with other lights). Additional versions for use with other lights may be in the works at a later date. Check out ROSCH Works.

Rosch Works SLM1 Pilot Production 1


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