Snatch N’ Grab from Advanced Holster

The Snatch N’ Grab is a 16″x10″ MOLLE compatible pack insert made from ABS plastic. Once the user has configured the panel with the loadout that they need, it can be inserted into any pack large enough to accept it, carried as a stand-alone organizer, or secured to a the front or back of a car seat. Since its use is not limited to tactical packs, it can be used to convert any commercial pack into a low-visibility “tactical” pack.

Advanced Holster Snatch n Grab plain

The Snatch N’ Grab utilizes a series of voids that creates a MOLLE compatible grid that is equivalent to a standard 4 columns by 6 rows PALS webbing grid. It also has several slots at the top and near the bottom that can be used with 1″ webbing to create handles, lashing straps, and shoulder straps. The bottom of the Snatch N’ Grab has a 2.3″ deep flange/shelf that makes it easier to insert/remove and aids in keeping the panel and pack upright. You can also use straps or bungee cords to secure items to the flange.

Check out the Snatch N’ Grab pre-order at Advanced Holster.

Advanced Holster Snatch n Grab

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