Manticore Arms Eclipse 24mm

Some of the finest AKs (both AK-47s and AK-74s) ever imported into the USA have 24mmx1.5 threads and yet, it is one of the most neglected thread patterns in terms of muzzle devices. Thankfully, Manitcore Arms makes 2 excellent options in the previously reviewed NightShroud and NightBrake. The NightBrake is a solid flash suppressor that performed well in my testing but it is outclassed by pronged flash suppressors like the Manticore Arms Eclipse which I tested for the AR-15.

Manticore Arms Eclipse 24mm

Now, the Eclipse is coming to the AK and specifically those with 24mm thread patterns. One of the features that really sets the NightShroud apart is the inclusion of locking notches around the entire circumference of the device. This ensures a solid fit and this feature will also be included on the Eclipse 24mm. It has 3 long prongs that are slightly twisted.

I have not tested this device yet but if it performs anywhere near as well as the AR version, it will be excellent. Check out Manticore Arms.

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