Review: Manticore Arms NightShroud

The NightShroud from Manticore Arms is a flash suppressor that is designed for the AK-74s and AK-47s, like the excellent Arsenal SGL-21, with 24mm threaded muzzles. It is an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous AK-74 brake that is most commonly found on AKs with 24mm threads.

I found the NightShroud while I was looking for an alternative to a muzzle brake for my SGL-21. I wanted something quieter than the AK-74 style brake that came standard on the SGL-21. I quickly found that, since the SGL-21’s muzzle has 24mm threads, my options were extremely limited. Thankfully, one of those limited options was the NightShroud.

The NightShroud is very cleanly machined from 8620 steel and then finished with a slightly shiny black oxide. It certainly looks and feels well made. It features 8 indentations all the way around the collar so that you can tighten the NightShroud all the way down to the muzzle and still engage the locking detent. This is the type of feature that takes some extra machining but the results, a solid muzzle device with little to no wobble, are worth it.

I really just wanted something that was quieter and the NightShroud is certainly quieter than the AK-74 brake. However, it is the better part of an inch shorter and a bit lighter in weight!

AK-74 Brake NightShroud
Length (inches) 3.21 2.46
Weight (ounces) 3.60 3.30

The NightShroud does a great job of suppressing flash as well. It elimated the amount of flash that is visible from the shooter’s position. Only a very small, thin bit of flash is visible from beside the NightShroud. The performance is pretty impressive.

So if you own an AK-74 or an AK-47 like the SGL-21 with 24mm threads you should definitely check out the NightShroud. It is an excellent option in spite of the fact that it is one of the very few options.

The NighShroud is manufactured by Manticore Arms and can be viewed on their website. I purchased my NightShroud through Rat Worx.

Note: The Manticore Arms website cautions that the NightShroud may not fit some rifles like the SGL-21. I believe that is old information. The version that I recieved has a longer collar so it will fit a wider variety of rifles as evidenced by the longer overall length and heavier weight than those listed on the Manticore Arms website. The version that is now shipping is the an improved model that should fit most AKs with 24mm threads. However, you may want to contact Manticore Arms or Rat Worx to verify that the NightShroud will work with your rifle.

4 Responses to Review: Manticore Arms NightShroud

  1. Rob April 12, 2011 at 12:24 #

    Fantastic, something different that fits the ak family.

    • Matt April 12, 2011 at 16:44 #

      It is especially fantastic for AKs that use the AK-74 front sight base with 24mm threads.


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