Igniter Zipper Pull from RE Factor Tactical

Look at the nearest zipper pull. Go ahead. Feast your eyes on that worthless freeloader. It just dangles there, doing nothing but jingling like Santa’s reindeer when you move. It’s about time someone put them to work.


RE Factor Tactical’s new Igniter Zipper Pull is an easy to carry cordage/fire kit that has 3 main components: 4′ of paracord, a small ferro rod, and an 8″ piece of jute twine. It rides on just about any zipper until it is needed. The paracord is to be used as emergency cordage. The ferro rod can be used to spark a fire with the jute twine (see this post for how to use jute twine).

Check out the Igniter Zipper Pull from RE Factor Tactical.

One Response to Igniter Zipper Pull from RE Factor Tactical

  1. SpeOpsBunny April 2, 2014 at 00:58 #

    How i make that braid?

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