PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath Update

Kydex guru PHLster makes a sheath for the Ka-Bar TDI that is very popular. Demand for the sheath has outpaced his ability to produce them since their introduction. PHLster has been working to streamline production of the sheath in an effort to increase the rate at which they can be created. The good news is that they have succeeded.

PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath

The original sheath was foam pressed and had a curved shape to it that made it hand specific. The new version is now vacuum formed and has a flat shape that makes it ambidextrous and more user configurable. the result of these changes is a sheath that has the same level of quality but can be produced more easily. Many users are also reporting that the new flat shape is actually more comfortable too.

Check out PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath.

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One Response to PHLster Fightworthy TDI Sheath Update

  1. Taylor TX March 13, 2014 at 15:51 #

    This is AWESOME, I hate the little metal clip sheath it came with, had to bend the clip back many times due to wearing it inside my pants instead of only around the belt. The molle compatible sheath for the larger TDI is great, glad something came out for the little one.

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