V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist

Lightweight AR-15 builders have taken several approaches to lightening the forward assist. Some have removed it and used plastic plugs to full the hole that is left behind. Others use upper receivers that lack a forward assist to begin with. Both of these approaches leave you without a functional forward assist which, while it may not always be needed, it is nice to have. Now there is another option for shedding weight at the forward assist – the V7 Ultra-Light Forward Assist.

v7 ultra light forward assist

The V7 Ultra-Light Forward Assist, like many other V7 Ultra-Light parts, is made from 7075 T6 aluminum which is hard coat anodized. The small foot that engages the carrier is made from hardened 4140 steel for longevity. It weighs just 9.2 grams or 55% lighter than the standard forward assist.

Check out the V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist.

One Response to V7 Weapon Systems Ultra-Light Forward Assist

  1. Rugrash February 28, 2014 at 01:14 #

    As part of my load sequence, it is critical to me that it be included and not omitted from any upper that I purchase. I’m still on the fence about all of this obsessiveness with regards to lightweight builds.

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