Review: SHTF Gear Lock Loops

I have been using the SHTF Gear Lock Loops for several months now. The Lock Loops are somewhat unique in that they are tuckable belt loops that are designed to be extremely durable and to fit many of the hybrid IWB holsters on the market. While some holster makers seem to treat their belt loop hardware as a consumable, SHTF Gear offers a lifetime warranty on the Lock Loops.

SHTF Gear Lock Loop on Holster


Lock Loops consist of a heavy kydex strut that attaches a coated webbing belt loop to the holster body. The belt loops are closed with the Pull-The-Dot snaps. The loops look very much like leather and can easily be trimmed based on belt size.

Observations from Use

The kydex used in the struts is .093″ thick and doesn’t really have to flex much due to the design. After more than 3 months of use, I have not seen any signs of damage from flexing.

SHTF Gear does a nice job of softening the corners of the struts. All the corners have been broken and polished which is nice because the top of the struts and belt loops do ride above the belt where they can be pressed into your side in some situations. I never had any discomfort from contact with the struts or belt loops.

SHTF Gear Lock Loop Thickness

The coated webbing that is used for the loops is cool stuff. It looks very much like leather and should last a few lifetimes. It can be trimmed fairly easily but sharp scissors are a must.

I am glad to see Pull-The-Dot snaps in use here because I have never had one fail unlike other snaps which loosen up and degrade over time. If you aren’t familiar with them they can take some getting used to since they only snap on and off in one direction.

The struts are fairly long so, if you like to tuck in your shirt over your holster, it is extremely easy to do with the Lock Loops.

If I could make a suggestion, it would be to add and additional mounting hole or two on the strut. Many hybrid holsters adjust ride height via a series of holes on the leather holster body and the Lock Loops work well with this style of holster. However, some adjust the height via a series of holes on the strut and the Lock Loops may be too long for use with these holsters. If there was an extra mounting hole or two on the strut, they would be usable on even more holsters though I suppose there may be some durability issues introduced with the additional holes.

SHTF Gear Lock Loop

Wrap Up

The Lock Loops are made from durable materials and, in over 3 months worth of use, they have shown no signs of wear at all. They are very comfortable, look very much like quality leather to the casual observer, and they fit a variety of holsters on the market. They have replaced the metal clips on my daily carry SHTF Gear ACE-1 Holster. If you aren’t happy with the belt loops on your hybrid holster, these are the way to go.

Check out the Lock Loops at SHTF Gear.

SHTF Gear Lock Loop PullTheDot

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