Bladder Koozies

My friends at Beez Combat Systems recently mentioned Bladder Koozies on their blog and I am glad they did because they are a great idea. If you use hydration bladders, you know that cold drinks don’t stay cold for long and I suppose you would have the same issues with hot drinks but I have never tried.

Bladder Koozie

The Bladder Koozies are pouches made from 4mm neoprene that serve to insulate and protect the Camelbak Antidote bladder. They have only two openings – one for the fill cap and one for the hydration tube. The bladder is folded and inserted through the fill cap hole in order to install it in the Koozie.

Check out the Bladder Koozies at

I should also note that these will fit inside the Beez Combat Systems Hydration Carrier Short.

One Response to Bladder Koozies

  1. Matt @ December 11, 2013 at 00:59 #

    All the more reason to put beer in it! (I kid, I kid)

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