Crossbreed Holsters Purse Defender

I have never carried a purse but even I can recognize that most purses intended for concealed carry are ugly, somewhat obvious, and offer a painfully slow draw stroke due to poor access. I am not sure that the Crossbreed Holster Purse Defender solves all those issues but at least it turns a normal purse into one capable of safe concealed carry.

The Purse Defender consists of a rigid loop Velcro panel and a hook Velcro backed holster. The panel can be placed in the purse (or briefcase, attache, etc) and then the holster can be placed on the panel at a location and angle that suits the user’s draw stroke. The panel can also be used to mount additional accessories like the optional magazine carrier.

Check out the Purse Defender at Crossbreed Holsters.

CBH_pursedefender_2 CBH_pursedefender_5

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