PHLster Holster Clinics

PHLster logoPHLster, a Philadelphia base kydex bender, has one of the most interesting kydex related channels on YouTube. They have the typical product demos that you would expect from a channel like this but they also conduct what they call Holster Clinics where Jon, the owner of PHLster, offers feedback on holsters that various other makers send to him.

These Holster Clinics are an absolute treasure trove of information for both kydex makers and kydex consumers like me. Makers can pick up tips and tricks that will improve their craft and guys like me learn what to look for in a holster.

PHLster just published episode 16 so there is plenty of content out there for you to dig into. Check out the PHLster YouTube Channel to view all the Holster Clinic episodes.

Check out just a few examples below…

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