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If you are like me, you probably have several different types of water bottles that you use for everything from hiking and camping to staying hydrated on the shooting range. I even have water bottles that I don’t use much because I didn’t have a good way to carry them. Who wants to have a pouch that is specific to each type of water bottle that they own? I sure don’t and now I don’t have to thanks to the Mil-Spec Monkey (MSM) Bottle Corset.

MSM Bottle Corset Assortment


The MSM Bottle Corset is a pouch that adjusts for various sizes and shapes of water bottle (and more) two different ways. The depth can be adjusted via a large Velcro flap on the bottom of the pouch. The diameter and overall shape of the pouch is adjusted via a matrix of shock cord. It also has shock cord retainer with pull tab that can be adjusted for length and be configured to retain the bottle in a number of different ways.

When it isn’t in use, the Bottle Corset can be adjusted so it sits nearly flat and out of your way. It mounts via 2 of the long MALICE clips.

It is made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.

MSM Bottle Corset with Camelbak MSM Bottle Corset with Nalgene

Observations from Use

I do not own a water bottle that the MSM Bottle Corset can’t hold. It is extremely adjustable. I have a bin down in my basement where I keep all the water bottles that my family and I use. I sat down with that bin and tried every bottle I could. The bottles included large 38 oz stainless steel Nalgenes, 32 oz wide mouth Nalgenes, 20 ounce wide mouth Nalgenes, multiple sizes of Camelbak Better Bottles, USGI Canteens, off brand hard plastic bottles, and even the little 12 ounce bottles that water comes in at the store. They all fit.

The bottles don’t just fit, they are retained. You can adjust the retention a number of ways. If you want more retention, you can adjust the flap on the bottom to make the bottle sit lower in the pouch. You can also adjust the tension or configuration on the retainer strap. It works well in an over the top configuration like you would find on a magazine pouch or in a loop configuration that can be looped around part of the bottle. The loop configuration works very well on the wide mouth Nalgene bottles because of the wide shoulder they have under the cap.

MSM Bottle Corset with USGI Canteen

The Bottle Corset doesn’t need grommets or mesh for drainage because the sides are open. There is basically no way this pouch can retain water.

I found that I can hold more than just water bottles – a lot more. It holds 2 AR-15 magazines quite well but if you remove one, it loses tension and the remaining magazine can flop around a lot. It isn’t an ideal magazine pouch but it isn’t intended to be.

MSM Bottle Corset with US PALM AK30s

I tried it with AK magazines and it will work. The only issue is that the locking tabs will catch on the shock cord when you are inserting and withdrawing the mags. It doesn’t stop you from removing the mag but you will eventually wear out the shock cord this way and have to replace it (which is easily done).

The nicest surprise with this pouch was that it holds the two of the new PMAG 40s very well, almost like it was made for it. The Bottle Corset even has enough adjustment to allow them to sit fairly deep for retention.

MSM Bottle Corset with PMAG 40s

I also found that it was great for carrying items like a rolled up wind shirt, rain shell, poncho, camping tarp, ammo boxes, and who knows what else. I even wedged a first aid pouch in it so I could carry it temporarily.

My Bottle Corset spends just about all of its time in one of two places. I keep it on the side of my pack or on the hip belt. If you have a pack with a MOLLE compatible hip belt like Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, and others, you will love this pouch. It gives you some serious versatility in terms of what you can carry on your hip belt.

Wrap Up

The MSM Bottle Corset is one of the handiest pouches that I have in my toolbox. It solves a problem for me and that is probably the highest praise that I can give.

Check out the MSM Bottle Corset at the Mil-Spec Monkey Store.


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