SHM Ray IWB Light Bearing Holster

The newest product from Snake Hound Machine (SHM), the Ray IWB Light Bearing Holster, is a bit of a departure from what the custom AK pattern rifles that they normally create and that is part of what makes this holster interesting. SHM is not a holster company and they have no desire to be one. That means the Ray will be available in 1 color, with 1 belt hardware option, and 1 light option. On its face, that doesn’t sound like an appealing business model but if you think about, that lack of options should result in something that the Kydex bending industry is sorely lacking – shorter lead times.


The Ray IWB Light Bearing Holster is designed to be worn in the appendix position. It is currently available for most of the Glock family (Glock 19, Glock 17, and Glock 21 and like models) of handguns with the Inforce APL pistol light. The APL is the only light option available. The Ray is constructed from .80″ Dark Grey Kydex and utilizes a G-Code Clip to attach the holster to the wearer’s belt. The bottom of the holster is open to accommodate threaded barrels and the sight channel is spacious enough to accommodate suppressor height sights.

Your choice of Glock models (and soon M&P models) is really the only option available for the Ray. By eliminating options, SHM will be able to reduce lead times and keep costs down. If you want a different color, different light, or different belt attachment hardware, they will tell you to buy a holster from someone else.

From SHM:

Snake Hound is known for its toys, but not for doing holsters. Traditionally SHM has teamed up with other Kydex manufacturers to offer custom products to SHM specifications, this is the first IWB holster designed by SHM that they liked enough to bring to market. The SHM Ray is a light bearing inside-the-waistband holster made to be slim and compact and take advantage of a single G-Code clip. The holster is a semi-production product and manufacturing has already started, lead times are expected to be approximately two weeks from time of order. The Ray comes in one color, an ultra dark “wolf gray” with black fittings, has a full sweat guard, and only comes fitted for an Inforce APL light. Price is $75.00 shipped, Glock models are available now with M&P models expected to launch in about two weeks.

Check out the Ray IWB Light Bearing Holster from Snake Hound Machine.

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