New Items at Shellback Tactical

Shellback Tactical has a handful of new products on their site.

Two of the new products are cummerbunds for the Banshee Plate Carrier. The first is the original cummerbund from the Banshee which is pretty handy if you have already purchased a Banshee QD and you want to retrofit a more traditional load bearing cummerbund. The second option is the QD cummerbund so you can retrofit your original Banshee to include the QD functionality.

Banshee Cummerbund Banshee QD Cummerbund

They have also introduced a new Cobra Duty Belt. This belt features a Cobra Buckle, double layer scuba webbing construction, and interior Velcro lining for use with belt mounted pouches or an inner belt.

Shellback Duty Belt

Finally, Shellback Tactical has a new plate carrier option – the Ranger Scalable Plate Carrier. The Ranger has a split front design for easy donning and doffing. It features an inner and outer cummerbund and it works with Shellback Tactical’s Rampage soft armor inserts.

Ranger Scalable Plate Carrier


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