Exos Defense

The TI-7 Stock is an excellent piece of equipment but it has suffered something of a branding crisis. It is manufactured under the Tactical Intent brand that belongs to Molding Solutions, an experienced molding company out of Lexington, Kentucky. However, when you see it for sale at various retailers, it is often listed incorrectly as being manufactured by a number of different places like Double Star Arms or Red Jacket Arms.

Exos Defense

In order to reign in all of the branding issues and to create a new brand under which they can expand their product line. Molding Solutions, is creating a new company called Exos Defense. Their website is currently just a PDF catalog but the entire site should be online soon.

If the TI-7 Stock and their KWIKGUARD Rail Covers are any indication, you will want to keep an eye on Exos Defense.


One Response to Exos Defense

  1. marsolca December 16, 2013 at 15:03 #

    These guys actually make the kit for Red Jacket and just put Red Jacket’s logo on the recoil pad of the buttstock, they farm their stuff out for advertising reasons.

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