7×4 +P Hybrid Patch Panel from Fight and Flight Tactical

Fight and Flight Tactical’s 7×4 Hybrid Patch Panel has been around for a while now. Like all the Hybrid Patch Panel line, it is a very multi-functional piece of gear that can display patches or ID as well as holding a 7″ tablet computer like the Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad Mini. The original worked great as long as you didn’t have a larger case on your tablet.

7x4 +P Hybrid Patch Panel

Fight and Flight is now offering the 7×4 +P Hybrid Patch Panel. The +P version is cut slightly larger so it can accommodate a wide variety of tablet cases – even larger cases like those from Otterbox. If you have a 7″ tablet that has one of the various ruggedized cases that are available and you want to be able to carry it on your gear, this is the case for you.

Check out the 7×4 +P Hybrid Patch Panel at Fight and Flight Tactical.

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