Review: Elzetta ZRX Light Mount

I’ve been able to spend a couple of months with Elzetta’s newest light mount – the ZRX Lightweight Tactical Flashlight Mount. I was pretty skeptical of the mount at first since I am quite used to a competing polymer light mount of which I own several. However, after these 2 months, it is clear that the ZRX stands on its own. I think it might just be the new value leader when it comes to rail mounted light mounts.

Elzetta ZRX Light Mount


The ZRX Lightweight Tactical Flashlight Mount is an offset light mount that can hold a variety of different tactical lights – not just those from Elzetta.

It is constructed in the USA from two main materials: glass filled polymer and hard anodized aluminum. These materials both quite common in the “tactical” world but it is the way that they are combined in this light mount that makes the ZRX great. The ZRX has a polymer body and rail grabber and 2 aluminum flashlight rings that are attached to the cross bolts.

Elzetta ZRX Light Mount Bottom

When you tighten the cross bolts, the flashlight rings are drawn into the body of the ZRX and the rail grabber tightens on the rail. This design allows the ZRX to automatically adjust to flashlights that range from 0.94″ to 1.04″ (23.8 to 26.4 mm). That is very handy because many lights that claim to have a 1″ diameter can actually vary in size.

Elzetta ZRX Light Mount Self Adjusting Rings

Observations from Use

There were no real surprises with the ZRX. It functions like an offset flashlight mount should. It holds the light close to the rail but offset to one side or the other. I used it to place my ZFL-M60 at the 10-11 o’clock position which works well with the thumb over or thumb forward grip that I prefer.

I have found that there can be quite a bit of variation in the actual diameter of lights that are listed as having 1″ diameters so the way that the SRX automatically adjusts to the diameter of the light body is very clever and very useful. It also makes installing and removing the light very easy.

Elzetta ZFL-M60 Mounted

I really appreciate the light weight and lower profile of the ZRX compared to other polymer light mounts. The ZRX weighs only 1.1 ounces and it sits lower on the rail which keeps it clear of your sight picture when it is mounted on the top rail and lets it interfere a bit less with your grip if space is tight on your rail.

There is one fly in the ointment with this mount. Each ring on the mount adjusts independently which makes it pretty easy to mount the light crooked. This is especially true for lights that have a lot of variation in their diameter. I tried the Elzetta ZFL-M60, Surefire G2L, Surefire G2X, and a Streamlight Polytac and found that, while some were harder to mount straight than others, they could all be mounted straight with some care.

Wrap Up

I really like this light mount. I like the light weight. I like the clever way it adjusts to lights of various diameters. I like the price. I like that I can trust Elzetta. This is a solid light mount at a competitive price. Just be careful to keep the light aligned with the bore when you are mounting it.

You can check out the ZRX Lightweight Tactical Flashlight Mount at

Elzetta ZRX Light Mount Side

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