Sneaky Bags is Back!

Here is a bit of news that will make your day (at least it made mine). Sneaky Bags is back! They are being relaunched with backing by SERT USA (who you may know for their killer range bags and the Compact Carbine Case.


Sneaky Bags started with a simple idea, makes bags that can carry guns that don’t look like bags that are carrying guns. They had an entire line of backpacks and messenger bags that didn’t just carry gear but actually served as support gear to your rifle. They were successful enough that the term “sneaky bag” has become a bit of a generic descriptor for bags of this type.

Now that they are relaunching, their first product will be the CRB or Covert Rifle Bag. The CRB looks a bit like a tennis racket case. The 31″ version will fit an SBR or broken down AR-15 or similarly sized rifle and the 36″ version will fit 2 16″ AR-15s without breaking them down. The front pocket also features a combination PALS webbing/Velcro field that allows you to attach various holster or other items for carrying a handgun. The CRB can be carried as a shoulder bag or a backpack with a fairly simple conversion.

The CRB is just the first release from the newly reformed Sneaky Bags. I hope that other designs, like their messenger bags, will be released soon. Hopefully, with SERT USA’s backing, they can overcome the demand issues that once plagued the original company.

Check out the CRB on


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One Response to Sneaky Bags is Back!

  1. 032125 April 11, 2013 at 17:59 #

    This just cries out for a ballistic plate pouch…

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