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Public Service Announcement: Turn Your Steel Targets

This excellent PSA comes via the head honcho at TacStrike, Rob Tackett. The image below is a steel plate that had to be taken out of service far earlier than it should have due to excessive warping. As bullet strikes add up on a plate, it begins to warp with the outer edges bending toward the direction of fire. The warping shown in the image below is extreme and can only be accomplished via lots and lots of bullet strikes. This target has become unsafe to shoot due to the unpredictable way ricochets may come off the plate.

bowed plate

The simple fix to this problem is to turn your plate around and shoot at the other side for a while. This will halt the warping in one direction and begin to push it back into shape. You should be turning your steel targets at regular intervals. Consider it part of their preventative maintenance just like keeping them painted to avoid rust and greasing various hinges and bolts to prevent seizing.

All steel targets will warp like this eventually. It is important to choose a target that was designed by someone who understands this and has manufactured their targets to allow the plate to be turned easily.

TacStrike Goes Back to Their Roots

TacStrike-LogoTacStrike started out as a builder of steel targets for people who trained others or trained hard themselves. They are going back to those roots by significantly trimming their target offerings down to those that fit their mission and by reducing prices in a big way.

From TackStrike:

Roanoke, VA – June 19th 2015 – TacStrike Systems, a leading target manufacturer and retailer, is pleased to announce a return to the core principles that made TacStrike the trainer’s choice. This move is the culmination of many influences and a desire to serve shooters more efficiently and with lower pricing. A previous move to expand the target line to be all things to all shooters dilutes our goal and makes us appear to be just another target maker. However, by redirecting focus back to the foundation of the company, streamlining and eliminating the clutter TacStrike will be serving you faster, more affordably and with proven items for your training.
As of today TacStrike’s target lineup consists of a dozen items. Targets proven by the industry’s leading instructors to be the best for the job of training fighters. This streamlined approach allows a significant reduction in prices, by more than a third in some cases, speed up delivery times and handle your needs both before and after a sale with more care.
When your rifle costs a months salary and a case of ammo is equal to a romantic weekend getaway getting quality targets at a price that doesn’t break the bank makes everyone a more motivated shooter. So here is an sample of the new prices
1/4 Scale Steel Target Systems are now $175. Down from $220
1/4 Scale Ultra Lites Steel Targets are now $155. Down from $199
Full Size Steel Target Systems are now $299.95. Down from $399
4 Packs of Arch Frame Target Carriers are now $99.95. Down from $150
With the movement to this pricing structure there are now two pricing structures. The manufacturing cost and retail. Low costs and streamlined like this makes the everyday ordering procedures simple for everyone. When a quantity of item(s) is needed shipping shifts from individual boxes to pallets and freight shipping which can save even more when outfitting a range.
TacStrike’s superb quality and craftsmanship hasn’t changed and the NO BS Warranty is still in place. If you ever experience a problem with a product TacStrike will work with you to make it right as fast and painless as possible.

So join an industry leader as quality, price and customer service take a front seat to low cost, low quality alternatives.

Target Impact Signal System

Have you ever shot with that guy who calls phantom hits on steel or the guy who is constantly saying you missed when you are sure you hit? I have. Now you can take the guess work out calling hits on steel with the Target Impact Signal System (TISS).


The TISS consists of two main components: a camera flash and a “target box” which is a sensor that is placed on the back side of a steel target. The sensor registers hits on steel and triggers the camera flash so you have an unmistakable visual indicator when the target is struck. The TISS might just make an honest shooter out of some people I know!

The TISS is available in 3 different versions with varying capability and time restraints between flashes. Check out the TISS at TacStrike.


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