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Lights Out Saga Teaser

Many of you are familiar with the book Lights Out by David Crawford (Halffast). It is the story of regular people who are thrust into a fight to simply provide for themselves in the face of disaster. Civilization crumbles around the characters and they are left to pick up the pieces of their once comfortable lives. The book was downloaded more than 3 million times and was later printed independently. Now that book is being made into a film, or a series of films, called the Lights Out Saga and you can get involved.

In order to make a film that deals with themes like this, it was important that the film be made independently. This ensures that David Crawford’s vision can remain intact and undiluted. Several well known manufacturers from around the industry are already involved in making this film a reality including Mystery Ranch, 5.11 Tactical,, the Noveske Shooting Team, and more.

You too have the chance to get involved in making this film happen. The Lights Out Saga crowd funding effort is now live at Indiegogo. This film may not be made without you!

Here is a statement from the Lights Out Saga Facebook Page:

What most people don’t realize is that in spite of our announcement (just yesterday) – we’ve been working on this project for 3 months! This week we’re actually gearing up for a movie shoot in Georgia this weekend, which we’ll use to create a theatrical trailer in the next few weeks. We’ll try to get some stills online this weekend, and look forward to seeing many of our fans on set.

We’re overwhelmed by the support from all of you on our IndieGoGo campaign. Our supporters at 5.11 Tactical, Noveske Shooting Team and others have similarly overwhelmed us with support, and we’re very excited to have all of their help this weekend. Keep it up, and think positive thoughts for dry weather on Saturday in particular! – Travis

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