MOLLE Handle – Exclusively at PredaterARMAMENT

You know that old cliche that everybody utters when they see a really simple idea that is just so good that can believe you didn’t think of it? Well, when you see the MOLLE Handle, you want to say it with me – Why didn’t I think of that!?!?

MOLLE Handle Colors

The MOLLE Handle was designed for Zero Division Signature Management, made by OC Tactical, and available exclsuvily at PredatorARMAMENT. Each handle has a reinforced “T” bar at the end that can fed into any PALS webbing. Once both ends are secured, you have a handle. It is that easy.

You can add them to an IFAK pouch to make it a stand-alone grab and go kit. You could add it to the back of a plate carrier to make it easier to transport. You could add it to a large PALS compatible utility pouch to turn it into small gear bag. There are tons of potential uses for these. They make the gear that you already have more versatile.

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MOLLE Handle Installed


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