Larry Vickers Pays You to Join the NRA

Larry Vickers

If you are going to train with Larry Vickers, it pays to join the NRA. Hopefully you are already a member, but if not, this may be motivation for you.

From Larry Vickers:

I am giving every NRA member who can show me proof of membership during any of my classes in 2013 $20 cash back on the spot – if someone isn’t a member they can join the evening of the first day, show me proof on day two, and I’ll give them $20 back.

At that rate the yearly membership only costs the individual $15 or $1.25 a month.

Just another way I am trying to get people engaged in the fight of our lives.

Larry Vickers

Join the NRA!

2 Responses to Larry Vickers Pays You to Join the NRA

  1. Publius February 11, 2013 at 18:00 #

    Very classy move Mr. Vickers. I salute your efforts. I’m an NRA and GOA life member, and encourage all freedom loving Americans to do the same, gun owner or not.

  2. Ebbs February 12, 2013 at 12:22 #

    +1 respect. Well done, Larry V.

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