Getting What You Want Part 1: “In Stock” Threads

My inbox has been getting hammered with emails for the last month from people who are looking for magazines, bolt carrier groups, upper receivers, lower receivers, ammo, and other items that are in short supply right now. I am doing my best to keep up with the emails but the truth is, you have access to most of the same information that I do. So, in this series called Getting What You Want, I will pull back the curtain on what I do to find things that are in stock so that you stand a better chance of Getting What You Want.

If you can’t find enough PMAGs to keep your new AR well fed, can’t find a bolt carrier group to finish that new build, or can’t find an upper that doesn’t cost twice what it should… stay tuned.

Cases of PMAGS

Photo Credit: Magpul

One of the best places to find information about what is in stock and where is on internet gun forums. and other gun forums have several active threads where users identify various vendors who have specific items in stock. These threads help people pool their research resources and cover more ground in the search for in stock parts.

Bolt Carrier Group Thread on

Upper Receiver and Upper Receiver Parts Thread on

AK Magazine Deals

These types of threads not limited to and those listed here aren’t even the only ones on Many of the various gun boards have similar threads that can help you find what you are looking for or help others find what they are looking for during this time of panic buying.

There are several ways to monitor these threads so that you can be notified when something is posted. Some forums will let you subscribe to a thread with an instant email notification whenever something is posted. Some forums also have RSS feeds on various threads so you can add them to an RSS reader to receive nearly real time updates. You can also just do it the old fashioned way and just check it a few times a day.

If there is a thread that you are watching, feel free to list it in the comments below.

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