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GWACS Armory is one of the few manufacturers that has managed to keep their AR-15 lower receivers, the previously reviewed CAV-15 MKII lower, in stock and shipping briskly. In fact, they have black lowers in stock right now and shipping within 3 days. Now they are riding their momentum into a number of incremental expansions that mean that we will be seeing good things to come from GWACS Armory for quite some time.

Chris Collins

Chris Collins

One recent expansion is the hiring of Chris Collins. You might know Chris from the History Channel’s Top Shot but he also has served in the Marine Corps, served as an instructor with United States Shooting Academy since 2009 and serves as the Director of Training with NextLevel Training. Chris is also the Director of Education for the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors. Chris will have direct input on many of the current and upcoming GWACS Armory products.

GWACS Armory has recently announced that they are looking for customer input on their current products, products that you would like to see them carry, and their upcoming CAV-15 MKIII… that’s right. The CAV-15 MKIII is coming and it will incorporate several improvements that users have been requesting. I don’t have a timeline for you yet but you can contact to share your input.

GWACS Armory will also be greatly expanding the products that they offer via their online store. Most noteworthy among the products are complete rifles built on the CAV-15 MKII and eventually complete custom upper receivers too. The complete rifles should be available soon. I will have more details and pricing information for you when it becomes available.

GWACS Armory CAV15 MKII Buttplate

Additionally, one of my favorite things about the GWACS Armory version of the CAV-15 MKII lower receiver was the excellent low-profile buttplate made from hard anodize aluminum. Its aggressive texture really locks it into your shoulder. It is available for purchase separately since it will also work as a shorter, lightweight alternative to an A2 buttplate on an A2 buttstock. GWACS Armory also says that a trap door version of their excellent buttplate will be available shortly as an upgrade to their lowers or for purchase separately.

Finally, GWACS Armory is anticipating that they will have various additional colors in stock sometime in mid February. These colors include Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, and the surprisingly popular Zombie Green.

Check out and the GWACS Armory Facebook Page for more information. Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” for 5% off of your CAV-15 MKII lower.

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