Fox Knives USA Folding Spade

Fox Folding Shovel

I am kind of a sucker for e-tools. They are the kind of thing that it seems like you ought to have in every vehicle you own and that can come in handy whenever you are out in the woods. The reality is that I rarely end up using them but I am always glad that I had them when needed.

I recently came across the new Folding Spade from Fox Knives USA. It packs small like most e-tools and features a shovel blade that locks at 90°, 135° and 180° to the handle. It also makes extensive use of polymer which keeps the weight fairly low for an e-tool.

Check out the Folding Spade on Do you have a favorite folding shovel? Leave a comment about it below!

Fox Folding Shovel Folded

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