Review: Manticore Arms SAGE Trigger Guard

I have been a big fan of Manticore Arms going back to their introduction of the NightShroud Flash Suppressor. They make some of the finest (and most reasonably priced) muzzle devices available for the AK family of rifles (and AR-15s too) but recently, they have been rounding out their product line to include more non-muzzle device items including the new SAGE Trigger Guard.

Manticore Arms SAGE Trigger Guard


The SAGE is a pretty straight forward piece of gear. It replaces the standard AR-15 trigger guard and provides a larger, more glove-friendly opening around the trigger. Manticore Arms sent me the AR-15/SIG 556 with M4 style lower version of the SAGE Trigger Guard. They also make a version the SIG 556 with side folding stocks.

Observations from Use

Installation is pretty straight forward but you should read the directions. The large pin goes in the hole closest to the grip while the short pin (an extra is provided) goes into the hole closest to the magazine well. A short pin is used because you can only access the front pin from one side on the AR-15. To uninstall, you simply tap the front pin all the way in which will allow the trigger guard to drop free. Then you can tap the pin out of the trigger guard so that it can be reused. It is important that you do not use a longer pin in the front hole (the one closest to the mag well). I would rather see something like a small set screw used here but the current set up works.

Manticore Arms SAGE Trigger Guard Colors

From left to right: Black, OD Green, Foliage Green, FDE, Desert Tan

This trigger guard will inevitably be compared to the Magpul MOE Enhanced Trigger Guard and I would say that it compares very well. Both cost about the same (the SAGE will typically cost about $0.25 more). Both come in a variety of colors. Both match the contours of the lower well. The SAGE matches the interior curves of the trigger area of the lower perfectly while the Magpul part matches the angle of the mag well opening.

The Magpul MOE Enhanced Trigger Guard is going to be a better color match for most accessories and it installs a bit more easily. However, SAGE works better at the two reasons you would consider a trigger guard like this in the first place: it allows more room for your gloved finger and it fills the annoying gap in front of the grip more completely. Functionally, I prefer the SAGE.

Wrap Up

There are no surprises here. The SAGE Trigger Guard just works and it works very well.

Check out the SAGE Trigger Guard on Manticore

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