New Bad Blood Knives at TacStrike

The Sean Kendrick designed line of Bad Blood Knives are becoming pretty well known as a high value knife line. Four new knives were just added to the line and TacStrike has them first!

TacStrike Bad Blood New Arrivals

These knives have features like G-10 scales, mosaic pins, and functional molded sheaths but they retail for less than $55 in most cases. The models are available at TacStrike about a month before they will be available anywhere else. The Paradigm and fixed blade version of the Dreadnaught interest me most. These are working designs with strong points, usable sheaths, and great all-around size.

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One Response to New Bad Blood Knives at TacStrike

  1. Roadkill January 2, 2013 at 11:08 #

    I picked up a Bad Blood Spartan a few weeks ago and I am finding it to be a hell of a knife at frankly a bargain price. Not much interested with these new styles styles, but I do plan on getting a Nano Partisan next and perhaps checking out the folding blades later. A word of warning, most of these knives are very heavy for their size. Over 10oz often for the fixed blades.

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