TangoDown Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

One of the downsides to mounting a weapon light in the 12 o’clock position on an AR-15 is that you have to move your front sight back to accommodate your light which shortens your sight radius. TangoDown is now offering a very clever solution for this issue – the Front Sight Flashlight Adapter.

Tango Down Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is a rail mounted, fixed front sight assembly that has a large circular hole through the middle of it that allows the bezel of the light to slip into it. This places your front sight in the optimum position, allows the the light to pass through unobstructed, and protects the bezel of the light. The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is machined from 4130 steel and has a black manganese phosphate finish. The initial model (FFA-01) is for use with the Surefire X300 and there will be additional models for use with other lights like the INFORCE WML.

Check out TangoDown.com.

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