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TangoDown® Inc. ACRO® Mount for GLOCK® MOS® Models Part Number: AAM-01

TangoDown® Inc. is excited to announce the latest addition to the lineup – the TangoDown® ACRO® Mount for GLOCK® MOS® Models (AAM-01).   Due to Aimpoint® having a reputation of developing top-notch products, we decided to introduce an ACRO® mount plate that wouldn’t dent your wallet while maintaining a solid mounting platform.  The AAM-01 is made from ordnance grade steel with a Melonite finish to remain rust free.

**Please read installation instructions prior to installing.  If you aren’t familiar with modifying your firearms, seek appropriate assistance from a certified GLOCK® Armorer or Gunsmith.

For more information on the AAM-01, including model compatibility, visit:  https://tangodown.com/tangodown-aam-01-acro-mount-for-glock-mos-models/

Fits GLOCK® MOS models only.

MSRP:  $28.95

Customer Questions:  sales@tangodown.com

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Vickers Tactical™ Slide Racker for the Gen5 Glock™ Models (GSR-04)

TangoDown™ Inc. is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Vickers Tactical™ lineup! Introducing the GSR-04 Slide Racker for all current Gen5 pistols! The GSR-04 offers serrated wings which allow for easier slide retraction in non-ideal situations: wearing gloves or sudden “tap/rack” manipulation. Find yours under the ‘Items for Glock™’ tab at www.TangoDown.com.

Fits Gen5 Glock™ 17/19/19X/26/34

Fits most Gen5 Glock™ models with 1.00 slide width

MSRP: $18.95

Color Availability: Black

For more information, visit: https://tangodown.com/shop/vickers-tactical-slide-racker-gen5-glock-gsr-04/

Customer Questions: sales@tangodown.com

Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/ Takedown Tool for Glock

The Vickers Tactical Grip Plug/ Takedown Tool for Glock is the latest Larry Vickers designed Glock accessory from Tango Down. It fits Generation 3 Glocks and provides the essential functions of a grip plug with the bonus of an integrated, stainless-steel pin pusher. It is available in Black, Glock Tan, and Gray. Check it out at Tango Down.

td vickers grip plug

Vickers Tactical Glock 42 Slide Stop Compatible with Glock 43

Tango Down has tested and confirmed that the Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop for the Glock 42 also works in the Glock 43.


TangoDown IO Cover at OC Tactical

OC Tactical IO Cover

OC Tactical has a small number of the black TangoDown IO Covers in stock! The IO Cover is an ingenious cover for the Aimpoint Micro that incorporates lens covers that can nest inside of each other in order to lock out of the way.

The demand for these has been huge. They will sell quickly. Check out OCTactical.com.

TangoDown Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

One of the downsides to mounting a weapon light in the 12 o’clock position on an AR-15 is that you have to move your front sight back to accommodate your light which shortens your sight radius. TangoDown is now offering a very clever solution for this issue – the Front Sight Flashlight Adapter.

Tango Down Front Sight Flashlight Adapter

The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is a rail mounted, fixed front sight assembly that has a large circular hole through the middle of it that allows the bezel of the light to slip into it. This places your front sight in the optimum position, allows the the light to pass through unobstructed, and protects the bezel of the light. The Front Sight Flashlight Adapter is machined from 4130 steel and has a black manganese phosphate finish. The initial model (FFA-01) is for use with the Surefire X300 and there will be additional models for use with other lights like the INFORCE WML.

Check out TangoDown.com.

Tango Down Translucent ARC Magazines

Translucent AR-15 magazines are a great idea. It makes good sense to be able to estimate how many rounds you have left at a glance. However, translucent plastics have always offered a challenge for product designers because they tend to be more brittle than their opaque counterparts. This brittleness often leads to cracked feed lips. Many clear magazines have used metal reinforced feed lips with varying degrees of success.

The Tango Down ARC magazine’s unique two piece design allows a different take on the clear magazine. The feed lips and entire upper part of the magazine is made from black plastic. Black plastic is generally stronger than plastic dyed other colors so this design is actually an advantage for the ARC mags of all colors. The opaque black part of the magazine is completely covered by the receiver when the magazine is inserted so there is no disadvantage to making it opaque.

If you are in the market for translucent (or any color) magazines for your AR-15, consider the Tango Down ARC magazines.

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Tango Down has been making the BG-16 BATTLEGRIP for years and it has secured its status as a classic. If there was one complaint about the BG-16 it was that it was too small from some shooters with larger hands. So, in response to their customers, Tango Down has now released the BG-17 BATTLERGIP.

The BG-17 is basically just a larger version of the BG-16. It features the same great ergonomic shape, texture, and storage system of the original. It also retains the small tab that covers the gap under the trigger guard and adds an extension up the rear curve of the receiver. I like grips with this kind of extension because they increase trigger reach which forces me to engage the trigger with my finger tip.

If you found the original BATTLEGRIP (BG-16) to be too small for your liking, then you will definitely want to take a look at the new BG-17 BATTLEGRIP.

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