SwissBianco QDS

Ruger recently came out with a really slick take-down version of the 10-22 which has been a smash hit. Lost in the excitement of the new take-down 10-22 is the fact that people have been using standard 10-22 as a take down rifle for years. The 10-22 is held in its stock by a single screw so it is easy to separate into two pieces for easy packin. The QDS from SwissBianco makes it even easier to turn your standard 10-22 in a tool free take down rifle.


The QDS, or Quick Dissassembly Screw, is a thumb screw that replaces the standard stock screw. This allows you to quickly remove the barreled action for the stock without the need for tools. This is a pretty simple solution and it is considerably less expensive than a dedicated take-down rifle.

It is good practice to witness mark the screw somehow so you can return it to roughly the same torque spec to ensure that your zero is unchanged after you replace the action in the stock.

Check out the QDS on


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