The PIG SYSTEMA is a very ambitious and extremely impressive concept from SKD Tactical. SYSTEMA is an entire modular load bearing system that consists of a number of modular components, many of which can be stand-alone components, that combine to make everything from a slick, 11 ounce plate carrier to a full featured load carrying armor setup.


There are two main components to the system: the Brig Plate Carrier and the Brig Chest Rig. The Brig Plate Carrier weighs only 11 ounces on its own. The Brig Chest Rig can be used as a stand alone chest rig with the addition of an optionally available harness or in conjunction with the Brig Plate Carrier. There are also tons of other modular components like hydration carriers and modular packs that can be integrated into the plate carrier or chest rig.

I am just scratching the surface here. This system is so scalable it is ridiculous. Check out the PIG SYSTEMA on

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